About Us

Talk Business Directory is a is an online business listing website providing UK businesses with an affordable solution to having an effective online presence in today’s competitive business environment. Our parent company (Talk Business Magazine) is a magazine aimed at serving entrepreneurs with the latest advice, tip and interviews from other entrepreneurs.

Talk Business magazine is not just another generic directory website, it’s an effective, easy to use platform for connecting businesses with customers.

How do we do it?

Talk Business Directory harnesses the power of a large amount of well organised content along with the latest web coding technology and search engine optimisation to get high organic search results in google and much larger volumes of traffic than a small stand alone website meaning your listing might even rank higher in search queries than your existing website.

People visit the Talk Business Directory to find reputable businesses to get the job done right. We make it easy for customers to find tradespeople, professionals and provides an affordable and transparent way for businesses to get their business exposed on the web.